1. Ancient script, snapped at the National Museum in Riyadh. 2. Eating (overdosing) on (fancy) chocolate and reading my girl ViviannaDoesMakeup. 3. Cowboy burger and an Apple Margarita (non-alcoholic) from Applebees. 4. Cafe Bateel restaurant in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 5. also a reason to start my blog. 6. Part of the University I work at in Saudi Arabia. 7.Beautiful architecture of a mosque in Bahrain. 8.Visit to the historic castle in Bahrain. 9.View of Riyadh, top floor of the Kingdom Tower. 




Hi Dolls,

Links Love Mondays will be a new feature on my blog. It's basically where I share everything I've come across recently. Whether, it's an article I found interesting or a delicious recipe. I'm here to share!

Have a great Monday :)

  1. Interesting read on how passwords can change your life?
  2. How beautiful is this wall of flowers though?
  3. Networking for introverts.
  4. The book every girl is reading as of late...YES I want in!
  5. Must try these these or these from ZARA on ...then proceed to purchase. Perhaps, Maybe?

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Blogging Tips

Hi Dolls,

As an avid blog reader for many years now, I have finally decided to get a blog. I have had this particular one ( for a few months, but haven't been happy with what I produced. Here are some tips that I have gathered through other bloggers that can help me and hopefully others in this world of blogging!

1. SHARE- It's important to lose the fear of what other's might think. If you worked hard on the content you produced, flaunt it and be shameless about it!

2. SOCIAL MEDIA-  This tip goes side by side with tip number 1. Be active on all the social media outlets ( still working on this one)!  It will help grow your blog and will make the experience that much more fun when you're actively participating in the beauty, fashion, lifestyle community.

3. CONSISTENCY- This one is a big one for me and I bet most people out here. A lot of us have full time jobs and find it difficult to have new content everyday. Carry a notebook, jot down any ideas you have on the go, take your pictures in bulk, wake up a little earlier than your use to. If this is what you love to do then you gotta hustle hard for it.

4. AESTHETICS-  I have been reading blogs for awhile now and I have noticed that I prefer reading blogs that are clean and crisp as opposed to ones that have loud colours as their backdrop or ones that have adverts everywhere. Simplicity, allows your readers to focus on your content without getting distracted. In terms of pictures, the bigger the better especially for pinterest!

5. PERSONAL GROWTH-  Take blogging day by day, some day will be brighter than others. Of course you're going to have those days where you think you suck at writing and expressing your thoughts, or every content you produced isn't WOW enough. However, sometimes you need to relax, take a step back and realize everyone starts somewhere! You learn new things everyday thus, getting better and better at mastering your craft! JUST KEEP GOING! It'll be fun looking back at your archive and seeing how far you've come along.

- If you want change, make it happen now!

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